Hospitality Assured Caribbean

The Benefits

Realise and maximise the full potential of your business

Here’s what a business owner had to say:  

Shireen Aga & Barbara Walker, co-owner and co-manager, Hotel Mockingbird Hill – Jamaica 

The Hospitality Assured Programme forced us to look in detail at our operations, take stock of what we had in place and what we were doing. It allowed us to not only review and reflect on the quality and effectiveness of communication, systems, and procedures but also have frank and open discussions about issues, such as trust between team members, trust between the team and management. We were also able to look at disparities between expectations and reality which influence our relationships. In the service industry, building meaningful relationships with guests is critical but a prerequisite to that is having good internal relationships between the team members… 

Useful Information:

Improve quality standards on a continuous basis, thus improving overall business performance and competitiveness.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus building a reputation that generates repeat and new business.

Improve leadership and management skills.

Improve staff morale and motivate employees.

Reduce staff turnover and identify you as a quality employer.

Increase market share and prove you are one of the best in the industry.

Enhance your marketability and generate great Public Relations.

Develop service ideals, values and principles that support a culture of excellence.


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